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I often refer to Cheryl as my personal trainer extraordinaire.  I have trained with her two  times a week for the last year in addition to my regular class workouts.  The results speak for themselves.  I look better (lost that "impossible to lose" extra10lbs), feel better, and the report from my latest physical speaks volumes to my overall good health.  Cheryl is not a part time trainer.  Fitness is her business.  Cheryl is not someone who will let you slack off or get lazy.  She pushes you to your limits in a way only she can.  She expects 105%, and when you only give 100% she looks for a little more.  Training is hard work.  You get out of it what you put into it.  In my book, there is no one better to work with than Cheryl Malloy.  She is simply the best! - LM, New Milford, CT

What People Are Saying....

Cheryl has an overwhelming passion for wellness and a strong desire to significantly improve each client’s overall health.

I started training with Cheryl during 2016. During these last several months, I have been challenged and pushed by Cheryl and have learned a tremendous amount about the human body and the interaction between nutrition and rest as critical components of overall physical fitness.
Cheryl is a very dedicated, caring, compassionate and attentive personal trainer and wellness coach. She encourages, motivates and understands each client’s needs, what their limits are, and how far she can push each one. Her knowledge, approach, energy and most importantly her ability to connect with each client to ensure their fitness goals are achieved are her greatest assets.
I highly recommend Cheryl for training/coaching to all those I have the opportunity to discuss the importance of nutrition, wellness and physical fitness with.
Because of her approach and dedication, I will continue to train with her for months to come.  -TL, New Milford, CT