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Learn to grow your own vegetables abundantly using 98% less water than traditional methods.   Free of pesticides. Harvest every 3 weeks saving 90% of space.  You will taste the difference, and your body will thank you when you eat more vegetables.  I will show you how you can grow vegetables all year round.   Learn More

Awareness... Information...Motivation...Our workshops are an amazing way to bring it all together and keep it together. Get all the information you need to turn your health around or continue to improve your health   Join a workshop

Optimal Health Workshops

The composition of your body, will determine our approach to meeting your fitness & wellness  goals.   Body Composition Analysis Testing through the use of a bioelectrical impedance analysis instrument by RJL Systems, will measure overall body composition, including:

• Fat
• Fat Mass Index
• Fat-Free Mass
• Fat-Free Mass Index
• Intracellular Water
• Extracellular Water
• Lean Dry Mass
• Lean Soft Tissue
• Skeletal Muscle Mass

• Bone Mineral Content
• Body Mass Index
• Daily Energy Expenditure 
• Basal Metabolic Rate
• Phase Angle
• Food & Fitness ideas
and more!

Wellness Coaching

Meeting your fitnesses goals is a team effort these days, mainly because of our busy lifestyles and quick fix eating needs, couple that with an abundance of unhealthy food. That's where we come in and help you get on track to the road of optimal health.  We meet twice a month for 50 mins sessions, and communicate by phone text and email in between.  Are you ready, to do this!   Let's make it happen


What Works

Find Your Unique Path For Healthy Living

R​ecognize and embrace your true self by first creating balance from within. A healthy lifestyle is much more than the foods we eat, or the exercise we incorporate, but rather the way in which we live our lives. Aligning our values with those we choose to spend our time, the careers which ignite a spark and align with our life’s purpose and passion, our spirituality, and physical activity serve as the foundation of our health, and may be recognized as a form of nutrition in itself. It may also be a driving force for the manner in which we choose the foods we eat, either for the good or not-so-good. There is no one path for any of us, but rather it is up to each of us to carve out the road map which suits our own individuality.


Fitness Classes

H.I.T   |  Core  | Cardio Burn  | Kettle Bells 


Fitness Training

Personal Group Fitness Training 

Aeroponic Gardening Consultant

Friends don't let other friends workout alone.  Finally a fitness program that works for you, and your friends.  More and more employers are offering onsite fitness programs to employees, to improve productivity and decrease sick time.  

*This can be provided at the Gym Studio or offsite, for example at your Home, or Place of Work. 

Finally a fitness program that works for you, especially designed for you.  Someone there to cheer you on and keep you focused and motivated!   

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​Body Composition Analysis

We have a latest and greatest classes to keep you fit.  Join us for a  class book now.