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Wellness Coaching

Cheryl has dedicated her life to helping others achieve optimal health through fitness training and healthy food choices. Sign up for Monthly Wellness Coaching which includes: - Two (2) 50 Min. sessions.  Guided nutrition plans  for individuals and families and so much more.

"Cheryl has an overwhelming passion for wellness and a strong desire to significantly improve each client’s overall health......."



Cheryl Malloy Health & Fitness Coach 

Personal Individual Fitness Training

 Personal Group Fitness Training 

SPIN Classes

H.I.T. Training Classes

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​Body Composition Analysis

Wellness Coaching

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Aeroponic Gardening Consultant

Body Composition Analysis

Are you at the point of knowing  what's not working, but don't know why? That is the point of this test to see what is going on, and what may work better for you.  Body Composition Analysis Testing will measure fat, water, and muscle, all of which is important for weight loss,  and optimal health.

Personal Fitness Training 

Individual or Group  Fitness training available.  Whether you are looking for 1:1  experience or working out with a group of friends to cheer each other on or are looking to offer your employees a fitness stress buster class. You have arrived at the right place. Training is held on-site, or, off-site, your choice.